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Your Library has a Friends of the Jarrell Community Library group. Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider joining:

  • Have a say in what the library offers. Is there a specific type of program you'd like to see at the library? How about a special collection of a certain kind of book? Of course we welcome your suggestions any time, but as a Friends member, you can help secure funding to make certain projects happen. 

  • Meet your neighbors. By working closely with other Friends members you can meet new people and make lasting friendships.

  • Keep literacy alive. Numerous studies have shown that kids and teens experience some learning loss over the summer. The library's summer reading programs can help prevent this by keeping them thinking and reading during the summer. The Friends are able to fund events that would not be financially feasible otherwise.

  • Learn valuable skills you can use at work or in your personal life. As a Friend, you will gain hands-on experience with fundraising and community outreach. These new-found skills may help you at the office, or give you a new sense of personal enrichment.

  • Similarly, put your existing skills to good work. Are you a PR pro? Do financial reports make you feel fulfilled? We welcome all of your unique skill sets in helping our organization run smoothly. You can make a difference while doing what you love.

  • Help raise awareness in the community. Sure, you may love the library, but not all of our residents are familiar with the services we offer. As a Friend, you can help make sure your neighbors and colleagues are taking full advantage of the library.

  • Understand how your community works. If you want to see change, take action,  get involved. This is a great place to start. 

  • Get in on the ground floor. Because we are forming a brand new organization, its founding members have the unique opportunity to shape the group however they wish. Of course, there is also the exciting distinction of having your name on something brand new.

  • Add it to your resume. In today's competitive job market, philanthropic activities outside work add character to your professional footprint and help round out your work experience. Being an active member of the Friends is no different.

  • Make a difference. Every Friends member makes a true difference in our daily efforts. By volunteering with us, you are giving back to your community in a tangible way. The feeling of fulfillment after funding a special project or bringing a new family into the library is second to none.