We are starting on getting things ready for our virtual art show! I am super excited. Here is some info:

1. Each artist must sign a waiver agreeing to donate 10% of the profit to the library, but they have the option to donate up to 100% of the profit they make! 2. Each submission should be delivered to the library to be hung by November 1st, 2020. 3. We will take photos of the pieces, and, upload them to the website we create to sell them 4. The buyer will have a specific date to come and pick up the piece. 5. We will accept prints, and, originals. Must be labeled accordingly. 6. Email set up for all artists is jarrellfriends@gmail.com to contact us about the event, and, for any questions 7. Each artist can submit up to 2 pieces 8. Art will be up until December 15th.

*Open to all of Williamson County

Any thoughts? I think instead of a separate web page I will be adding the art work on the friends web site and facebook!

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Friends! I NEED YOU Sept 4th and 5th at the American Legion in Jarrell! They are having a fun BBQ cook off and allowed us to raise money for the library. How awesome is that? I need people to work. Can you make time for this? Also, who has Brookshire or H‑E‑B connections? Message me~ Jenny Campbell, Friends President

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Updated: Jan 30, 2020

So you think you want to be a Friend, but feel a little confused? Here are some steps to clear things up:

Friends support the library in many ways, through volunteering at events or as daily staff, planning events, advocacy and financially by paying annual dues. Being part of the Friends means being part of a group where you can build relationships within your community, be part of something rewarding while promoting literacy and library support.

1. Think about how you would like to help. We need daily staff, event planners, fundraising help, grant writers, and more. It's okay if you do not know yet, you can always see what there is to do and jump in anywhere later.

2. Fill out the form under Join Us.

You will receive a Welcome Email from us within 5 days with more information.

3. As soon as you have submitted your form to join the Friends, you can go to the Forum for Friends on the Friends main page, where you will be prompted to create an account. After admin approval, which you should receive confirmation of, you will have access to the Friends of the Jarrell Community Library Discussion Forum. This forum is where all committee discussions will take place, aside from meetings. Please click "Follow" on the discussion thread to receive email notifications when posts are made.

Are you thinking that you would love to support the library but can't commit to volunteering right now? Your financial support is just as important and critical as any other volunteer work.

We look forward to meeting you!

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