There are many ways to volunteer at Jarrell Community Library

Here are many of our job descriptions in more detail:




Our Volunteer Staff performs day-to-day activities at the library such as assisting our patrons at the Circulation Desk, shelving materials, and cataloging. Volunteers also help with special events, art and design, publicity and more. All levels and types of skills are needed. If you would like to join us, we’d love to have you. Orientation and training are provided. For more information about our volunteer opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at Thank you!


Building Support Services
Keep the library looking its best! Help with preventative maintenance, setting up displays and artwork and keeping things tidy.

Cleaning Technician:

Performs cleaning duties, such as cleaning floors, vacuuming, cleaning windows and doors, dusting and removing trash. Duties may include performing routine maintenance activities, notifying library director of any need for repairs.

Seasonal Display Artist:

Every month we like to change out our seasonal displays on top of our bookshelves and would love to have another creative eye and hand here.

Window Artist:

Are you artistic? Would you like to work on our windows? All you need area brushes tempera paint, and a dab of dish soap (just to make it easier for you to wash off afterwards).You could paint advertisements of upcoming events or you can do seasonal themes. Better yet – pick out a children’s picture book and paint an inspiration from it, then you can put the book on display.


Circulation Desk Volunteer

Welcome our patrons and assist them in using the library’s materials and services. Involves use of the online circulation system (catalog), knowledge and understanding of the library’s mission and policies, checking materials out and in, assist patrons with questions they may have.


Collection Support Services
Be the first to get a look at brand new library items! You'll help get new library materials ready for the shelves.

Donation Aide:

Provide preliminary sorting of donations for inclusion in the JCL collection or library book sales. Ascertain materials that should be discarded or recycled. Sort and evaluate newly donated books. Special Qualifications: An interest in book and audio materials is important and familiarity on where to find publishing and copyright dates in materials. An interest in organizing and putting things in order is essential. Requires subjective decision-making skills.

Cataloging Aide: 

Enter library materials into the library catalog system so that they can be found on the library’s shelves and in the JCL catalog. The work is done using a specific computer program, and requires attention to detail, curiosity, and diligence.

Processing and Labeling Aide:

Item-specific barcodes are placed on the upper left-hand corner of each newly cataloged item. A spine label with the call number is then added to the outside of the material. After processing/labeling is completed, the materials are ready to be shelved and checked out by our patrons.

Collection Aide:

Volunteers help fine-tune the collection. Print out reports of missing books to double check if materials are not on the shelves and then delete them. Look up series (fiction, manga, and graphic novels and make a list of missing books to order. Locate books requiring special stickers and put stickers on the books.


Shelving Support Services
Organizes, straightens and shelves library materials in numerical and alphabetical order.

Shelf Manager: Volunteers shelve new materials, materials that have been removed from the shelves and materials that have been returned to the library.

Shelving Aide:

Maintaining shelf order is essential in order for patrons and staff to find materials in the library. A volunteer checks a particular set of shelves on a regular basis to ensure that all the materials in that area are in the correct call number order.

Shelf Maintenance Reader:

Within an assigned area, this position checks the shelves for items that are misplace, untidy, damaged, etc., and restores the shelves to order. In addition, volunteers in this area will learn when to pull an item from shelves. This work is important in keeping library collections well maintained and aids patrons and staff in finding what they are looking for. 


Computer Support Services

Computer Assistant: You'll provide valuable assistance to library patrons by helping with basic computer questions. Individuals with knowledge and experience using computers the internet, and Microsoft products, can schedule times to work one-on-one with those patrons who need more extensive computer help than library staff can provide. At some point, we may also want to expand this volunteer position to conducting small classes on specific computer-related topics.


Provides initial trouble-shooting for computer problems.  Updates software as needed.  Provides advice to library management team on computer software and hardware.

Web Designer/Graphic Artist/IT Assistant:

Use your tech and design savvy to benefit your library! We are always looking for great design ideas for our library website and print materials and could use a hand implementing them. Design brand marks for events/programs; incorporate new web tools (Flickr,, toolbars) into the library website; create promotional flyers and signage; create Library blogs; expand the Library’s web presence.

Social Media: Plan, implement, manage, coordinate and execute social media programs and initiatives. Monitor social media sites and coordinate response with library director and board members. Write, post and promote content that encourages business participation and community engagement.


Program Support Services

Program Services (Children/Teen/Adult): Assist librarian and patrons during library programs. You'll help make sure programs run smoothly and help create a great experience for program attendees. Volunteers are needed to plan and supervise events, arrange for speakers, work with the program speaker on special needs set up for the event, create and distribute flyers, and arrange other publicity.

Summer Reading Program:

Be a part of our Summer Reading Program team! You'll have the opportunity to help with program registration, SRP programs and activities, and shelving children's library materials.


Spanish Language Outreach

For the Spanish-English bilingual volunteer, we need help in two areas. One is with the collection of materials – what we should add and remove, upkeep, insuring good information is in and out of the catalog. The other is a willingness to meet for a specified time with those whose English makes it difficult to communicate with the Library staff, and perform translation to aid them in getting library cards, finding library materials, using the computer, and otherwise use library services.


Financial and Tax Expertise:

From time to time professional advice is needed from CPAs or other financial experts as questions arise.


Grant Writing.

This is an opportunity to work at your own schedule depending on grant agency deadlines. Persons with knowledge of grants and grant-writing techniques are needed to secure funding for library acquisitions, equipment and furnishings, children’s and adult programming, and provision of special services.


Legal Expertise:

From time to time legal issues arise about contracts, funding, liability, and so forth. Attorneys licensed to practice in Texas are needed to respond to legal questions.


Library Board Membership: The business and affairs of the library are governed and managed by the Board of Directors. The Board sets library policy, supports library services and activities, evaluates the Library Director, and raises funds for library operations. Terms on the board are for three years and are renewable. Attendance at monthly meetings is required as well as committee work.



This stands for “what ideas do you have that will make JCL more useful to area residents?” There certainly are services, activities, and such that we have not considered. You may have special skills that could benefit the library in ways that are not listed here. Please let us hear from you.