Bookin-it 5k Vendor Registration
Event Rules & Guidelines
By Registering for this event, you are agreeing to our Rules & Guidelines. 
We are currently only accepting 5k Vendors in the Health and Wellness areas, as well as Children's programs such as sports, enrichment activities, ect.
1. Vendor space is limited to an area of 10 X 10, excluding Food Trucks and special requests. You must provide your own booth materials (tents, tables, ect.) as needed. This event will be outside so please plan for inclement weather, such as weighing tents down, ect. Most will not receive a designated spot unless you contact us for specific needs, it's first come, first serve, just fall in line with the last person to set up.
2. You are able to start your setup no earlier than 5:30 am the day of the event and be ready by 7 am. Break down begins at 2pm, please do not leave any earlier unless you are sold out.  You must be gone from the space no later than 1:00 pm and leave nothing behind. Vendors are responsible for maintaining and cleaning up their own booth space.
3. Vendors are not authorized to solicit for any business not previously approved for the event, unless it is a non-profit organization from their space.
4. Any vendor that is found to offer products or services that contradict their application and are found to be non-compliant to the eventl guidelines will be banned from any future participation of the festival indefinitely.
5. The following items are not accepted at this sale:  pornographic or nude material, and anything viewed by the Jarrell Community Library that is not deemed acceptable to a family audience
6. Vendors agree to work in a harmonious manner with other vendors, customers, event coordinator and staff.
7. Smoking or Vaping is not permitted near any event activities. Smoking/Vaping is only allowed in the back parking lot behind the building.
8. Alcohol or illicit drug consumption, swearing, racist comments, will not be allowed nor tolerated at this event.
9. The Friends and the Jarrell Community Library and it’s volunteers are not responsible for any permitting/licensing/insuring/State or Federal income tax/business operations of any vendor’s products or offerings that are brought to the festival for sale out of the vendor’s booth. 
10. Ready to eat food and drink designed for consumption at the festival must be produced in a certified facility and processed, labeled, stored and transported in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws. This only excludes donations of baked goods.
11. Obvious product placement outside of the assigned space requires payment of an additional 10 x10 space fees in increments of current space fee prices at the discretion of the event coordinator.
12. Vendors are responsible for advertising their own business at their own discretion.
13. Any volunteer activity, special event, fundraising, sponsorship, communications, press release, raffle prize collections that are intended to be carried out on behalf of the Jarrell Community Library must be pre-authorized by Friends of the Jarell Community Library.
14. Any and all grievances, concerns, organizing of the event operations must be filtered through the event coordinator. If you have a grievance or complaint about another vendor, please fill out a grievance report and it will be submitted to the Event Coordinator. 
15. There will be no refunds or credits on any space for any reason. Attempts will be made to reschedule due to bad weather but cannot be guaranteed.
16. The event coordinator will charge $50.00 to the vendor for each day the vendor’s space is left with debris. This fee must be paid to the Friends before the vendor will be allowed to participate in any future events.
17. Each vendor is responsible for obtaining and displaying all applicable permits. Every vendor must comply with the laws of the State of Texas as well as city and county laws. Any vendor collecting sales tax must have a sales tax certificate on display at all times. Vendors are required to provide their own General Liability/Event or other insurance as needed. Neither JCL nor FJCL is responsible for any injuries or damages. 
18. Vendor space should be kept clean at all times. Any vendor producing trash must provide a neat trash receptacle. Vendors are encouraged to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer available for customers.
19. Every vendor or agent should dress neatly and practice clean personal hygiene. Every vendor or agent should be courteous, professional, and knowledgeable about the products in his/her booth.
20. Any food vendors must provide a valid Food Handlers Card.
21. Please note that we have very limited access to utilities, please let us know immediately what you may need access to so we can reserve you the right spot.
22. In the event of bad weather, we will make every attempt to reschedule but this cannot be guaranteed.
22. Please be informed that the Vendor Fee is $20.  Bear in mind that fees are considered a donation to the Jarrell Community Library and are therefore 100% non-refundable for any reason, even in the event of cancellation. Fees are due at the time of registration, please email us if paying by check to let us know and write For 5k Vendor  Fee on the check. If for any reason your application is declined, we will promptly refund you.



If you are not able to provide your own Business General Liability/Event insurance, we discourage the use of tents or canopies due to the fact that you would be held personally liable for any damages or injuries. If you do use one without  insurance, we will have an Idemnification agreement on site for you to sign. We REQUIRE that anyone using a canopy or tent provide a minimum of 24lbs of weight to each canopy corner, double that for 10x20 canopies. 

Most accidents at outdoor markets involve wind blown tents, canopies and umbrellas. We require all participants to minimize the risk caused by canopies by following rules for canopy safety. Canopy weights must be attached to vendor and market canopies at all times.

In certain inclement weather conditions even properly secured canopies can be precarious. If canopies need to be taken down in the middle of market due to inclement weather, vendors should direct customers to move out of the way so they are not injured. Weights should be secured in a manner that does not create its own safety hazard Weights should not cause a tripping hazard Weights should be tethered with lines that are clearly visible Weights should have soft edges to avoid causing cuts and scrapes Weights should be securely attached Weights should be on the ground (NOT above people’s heads) Canopies are used at markets to shield vendors and their product from sun and rain, but unpredictable winds can come up at any moment creating a safety hazard if the canopy is Home Become a Member Member Market Directory Resource Center Farmers Market Management Board About Us Contact Us not properly secured. Sufficiently weighted canopies will have at least 24 pounds per leg. One canopy manufacturer recommends at least 40 pounds on each corner of a 10x10 tent; double that on a 10x20 tent. 50 pounds should be used for umbrellas. Weights for signs will vary depending on the size of sign.

Examples of good canopy weights:


Filling an empty bucket (2.5 gallon works great) with cement and tying this to each corner of the tent with a rope or bungee. It is NOT sufficient to place the bucket on the feet of the canopy. Filling buckets/containers with sand/cement that can be anchored or secured with a rope or bungee; these include canvas bags or plastic buckets/containers that have a handle through which a rope or bungee can be secured. Sandbag weights that are specially made for securing canopies and weigh at least 24 pounds. These sandbag weights are vertical and can be strapped the legs of the canopy. PVC pipe capped and filled with cement can be hung on the inside of canopy poles as long as it is secured so that it does not collide with customers. The best weights are strapped to the bottom of each leg, and then tethered via a bungee to the top corner of the canopy, thus lowering the center of gravity of the canopy. In a strong gust of wind, even canopies secured with enough weight, can be broken if the weights are not suspended from the top corners of the canopy.


Examples of Bad Canopy Weights:


Gallon water jugs are not heavy enough for large gusts of wind. One gallon of water weights 8 pounds. One gallon of water on each corner would be the equivalent of a 3 year old child trying to hold down a 100 square foot parachute. Tying tents, canopies or umbrellas to tables, coolers or vehicles provides tripping hazards and frequently does not provide adequate weight. Vendor safety is just as important as customer safety. Sandbags that cannot be placed upright and securely tied to the tent or canopy should not be used. In addition to not providing enough grip to prevent a canopy from taking flight in a strong gust of wind, tent stakes are barely visible to shoppers and can cause a serious tripping hazard to an unsuspecting customer. Never use cement blocks! They are hard, easy to trip over, and are very effective toe and shin breakers. At all costs, avoid stretched out cords and lines. Customers and their children will get them wrapped around their arms or legs, causing them to trip and fall, and perhaps pull over your displays in the process.

These rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time. 

Please make checks payable to Friends of the Jarrell Community Library and send to: 

Jarrell Community Library

113 Limestone Terrace, Suite 500, Jarrell, TX 76537. 

You may also pay with PayPal by paying with the link on our registration page.